About Us

Our School
For over 30 years, Pioneer Park Public School has been dedicated to academic excellence for life-long learners while nurturing positive self-esteem and striving for mutual respect in a safe, healthy, caring environment.

Located in the southwestern region of Kitchener, Pioneer Park serves the community west of Homer Watson and south of Huron Road. There is a long history in the area of our first settlers and we are close to the Doon Heritage Village. At one point there were over 600 students and our building had 12 portables. Presently there are just over 300 students enrolled at Pioneer Park and we are very happy with our smaller but growing school population. At present, our grade 6 graduates attend Doon Senior Public School.

Our Students
Pioneer Park is becoming a diverse learning community, serving 300 students in kindergarten to grade 6, with some joining us from different parts of the world. Students enjoy coming to school each day at Pioneer Park. Here are a few of the many positive things they say:

“I love the way our custodian, Mr. Sanderson helps us learn hockey, helps all around the school and keeps the school clean.”

“I am glad there are people to talk to when I have a problem.”

“The teachers are awesome, they care about what we do at school and at home.”

“I love our library and our computer lab, we get to use them all the time.”

“Having lunch together every day is very special.”

“When we have problems, we are encouraged to solve them with our stop, think and talk method.”

Our Staff
At Pioneer Park we have a talented and committed team of teachers, paraprofessionals and support staff who give l00% to their students and families inside and outside of the classroom. They are very committed to professional development, staff training and parent communication. They identify continuous professional development needs and opportunities and attend workshops that enhance our learning community.

Parents and Community
Our School Council is made up of a small group of devoted parents and school staff. The School Council provides active leadership by partnering to organize events (Theme Days, Parent Meetings, Workshops) and fund-raising activities. This fundraising has been greatly appreciated, as it has allowed our students to participate in field trips, educational assemblies and have enhanced classroom resources. All families are invited to attend School Council meetings.

Academic Programs
Educational excellence is a very high priority at Pioneer Park. Pioneer Park has a strong focus on early literacy and Special Education support. We offer a range of programs including: Strong Start, Early Literacy Intervention, Parent Literacy Workshops and are in the beginning stages of a comprehensive Home Reading Program. In addition, we have a Reading Room with a fabulous selection of leveled stories. Over the past two year, Pioneer Park has been a part of the Ministry of Education’s “Ontario Focused Intervention Partnership”. This partnership has allowed staff to refine teaching strategies in order to meet students’ needs. The result – an increase from 32% to 74% of our Grade 3 students achieving a level 3 or 4 on the Grade 3 EQAO Assessment.

Special Education Programs
We have a specially trained Special Education resource teacher who works with a team of professionals to address the individual requirements of our special needs children. Depending on their needs some students are withdrawn from the classroom environment, while others are supported within their classes. We also work very closely with a Multi-Disciplinary Team to ensure we are meeting the needs of all students in the best manner possible.

English as a Second Language Program
At Pioneer Park, we are seeing an increase in students joining us from all parts of the world. We provide extra English Language instruction to our English as a Second Language (ESL) students and we have an ESL teacher that supports us on a parttime basis.

Safe Schools Initiatives
At Pioneer Park, we have 4 C’s that are promoted to ensure a positive and productive learning environment for our students: Caring, Courtesy, Cooperation and Common Sense. This code is communicated to our families and we are working in partnerships throughout the school and community centre to set clear expectations and foster student willingness to work towards positive and proactive decisions. In addition, we continue the STOP program:

Stop what you are doing,
Think of the consequences if you proceed, figure out new
Options you have, and
Plan what you will do.

Facilities and Resources
Our school is square in design, making access very easy for everyone. We have a welcoming, bright entrance and hallway where we proudly post student work (literacy), and school awards.

Pioneer Park has 16 classrooms, a large computer lab and some smaller teaching areas. Our Special Education room is located in the office area and has a variety of learning and technical tools for our students. Our gymnasium is fully equipped and used as a lunchroom during Nutrition Break.

Outside we have a large, spacious and well-kept playing area for our students. We have a Creative Playground, two soccer fields (primary and junior), asphalt activities, schlockey sets, a baseball diamond, basketball net, and a winter skating rink.

Clubs and Activities
Students at Pioneer Park have many opportunities to participate outside of the classroom. Some available activities are:

•Hockey Club

Our grade 4, 5 and 6 students have many opportunities to demonstrate leadership at Pioneer Park. Our Hall Monitors, Playground Committee, Safety Patrol Officers, Office Helpers and Milk Helpers are all very important to daily life at Pioneer Park.

Measures of Student Achievement and Success
Pioneer Park students work hard for their academic success in all areas of learning. Students have participated in community charities raising funds for important world events.

We recognize the success of our students in a variety of ways: at monthly assemblies, over the PA during morning announcements, and in front of their peers.

School Success Plans and Initiatives
As a Learning Community, Pioneer Park is focusing on Literacy.

School Wide Initiatives also include:

•Nutrition for Learning Breakfast Club (run by staff and community volunteers)
•Healthy Active Schools Initiative
•Character Education
•Home Reading Program
•Strong Start (early literacy program)